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  • State Tournament at Mizzou Arena, University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Tickets: $8 per session (arena is emptied at the conclusion of each session)
  • No food, drink, coolers, or re-admittance during session unless purchase new ticket
  • Session 1: Thu., 10:00a Class 1-2 R1 and R1 wrestlebacks
  • Session 2: Thu.,  5:00p Class 3-4 R1 and R1 wrestlebacks
  • Session 3: Fri.,     9:00a Class 1-4 Quarterfinals and R2 wrestlebacks
  • Session 4: Fri.,     6:30p Class 1-4 Semifinals and R3 wrestlebacks
  • Session 5: Sat.,  10:00a Class 1-4 R4 wrestlebacks, 3rd & 5th place matches
  • Session 6: Sat.,    4:30p Class 1-4 Finals